A very thoughtful group of business and civic leaders and citizens knew there was great potential in creating Denver South. Their collaboration and collective experience lead them to create a vision, a plan, a framework for smarter, structured growth and greater quality of life. Together, they worked to define the area and forecast for the future.


A Framework for Smart Growth

Sustained success shouldn’t be taken for granted. The South I-25 Urban Corridor Study projects 74,000 new jobs in the Denver South corridor in the next 15 years. Remaining globally competitive, attracting the best and brightest, and addressing growth head-on requires bold thinking. Reinforcing the values that bind us together and anticipating change as it approaches is fundamental to maintaining the quality of life our residents and business partners expect.

With this in mind Denver South has created a Framework.

Realizing a shared vision requires thoughtful, deliberate action; planned, before taken. There is an inexhaustible range of possibilities with Metro Village participation in housing, office, culture, civic, recreational, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and beyond; each village an experience of its own.

Collectively encouraging the types of assets desired for specific areas is well-reasoned urban planning. Establishing a framework for what is desired and how to encourage it is thoughtful. Incorporating these shared values into our daily responsibilities is deliberate.

While this framework strives to unify objectives, there are far too many variables to precisely predict and control what will happen, nor is that the intent

  • Capitalize on investments in transit, commercial arterials
  • Close the pedestrian gap; ensure safe crossings at major arterials
  • Prioritize First/Last Mile solutions
  • Complete bike/ped links, create new links where beneficially feasible
  • Target desired station areas and arterials in multi-modal efforts
  • Create walkable districts within some key commercial corridors
  • Improve office park integration into communities
  • Signage, wayfinding, and branding link nodes to establish place


Collaboration continues to fuel the exceptional growth and success Denver South enjoys. From an expanding light rail and transit network, to expansions at Centennial Airport, to future-forward neighborhood planning, and an ever-expanding effort to guide the region toward a world-ranking reputation for business development, it all rests on a solid foundation of collaboration.

Foremost in this collaborative effort are our government partners. Together, we work hand in hand to recruit and retain businesses to ensure Denver South is home to the best of the best.

Local government partners are responsive and collaborative with businesses and residents in Denver South.


Chris Shapard

Senior Director of Economic Development