Educated residents, innovative thinkers, thoughtful individuals – this is the population of Denver South. A rich, talent pool of intelligent, productive, creative, active people that value balance in their lives. And that’s just who is here already. Denver South also happens to be one of the best places in the world to attract talent. It provides the environment, lifestyle and growth opportunities they are seeking. Six Fortune 500 companies already discovered this resource and have headquartered here.


Employment Base

Denver South is an economic engine driving prosperity in the region attracting an educated and productive workforce that fuels some of the world’s leading companies. More than 250,000 people are building their careers in Denver South, with the highest volume of high tech and corporate workers in the region.

Seventy-two percent of Denver South residents over the age of 25 have an associate degree or higher and 24 percent hold graduate degrees, providing ample workforce for our dominant industry clusters. About 98 percent of the Denver South region’s population had a high school degree or higher in 2018, while nearly 64 percent of the population had a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Slide 285,780 There were 285,780 people in the Denver South region in 2022, representing 9 percent of the population in Metro Denver. Slide 57% Fifty-seven percent of the population is in the prime workforce ages of 25 to 64 years, with the largest concentration between the ages of 40 and 49 years.

Denver South continues to grow in employment year over year with 2022 at 1.6%

While Denver South’s tech growth continues and new companies are moving here, we are seeing a leveling out of our workforce. The trend highlights the fact that a larger number of workers in their 60s (the boomers) are at, or approaching, retirement age. And, with those retirements, companies are adjusting positions or due to technological advancements cutting them all together. This makes sense as the Census and the Colorado Demographers office forecast that over 60% growth of the 65+ population is happening right now.

Forecast for the Population in Colorado


Denver South employment base of almost 250,000 workers, over 14 percent of total Metro Denver employment.

Average annual salaries are $18,000 higher compared with Metro Denver.

Denver South Total Population 

PreK-12 Education

The Denver South region is home to over 70 schools that serve more than 53,000 students across three of Metro Denver’s largest K-12 school districts including the Cherry Creek School District, Douglas County School District, and Denver Public Schools. Parts of Centennial and Greenwood Village are also served by Littleton Public Schools.

Higher Education

The Denver South region is home to numerous higher education institutions including Regis University Denver Tech Center Campus and Rocky Vista, among others.

Several community colleges serve businesses and residents of the Denver South region including: Arapahoe Community College’s Parker Campus, Community College of Aurora, and Community College of Denver. The number of graduates by institution located in the Denver South region is included below.

Research Labs and Institutions: